Practice Areas

DUI & Driving Offences

If you are convicted of a criminal driving offence, the consequences can be significant. In addition to having a criminal record, you could face high fines, a lengthy driving prohibition, the installation of an Interloc device (blow box) in your vehicle, huge increases in insurance rates and even incarceration.

Drug Offences

The law in this area is changing all of the time. Our firm specializes in drug litigation and has a particular focus on personal and electronic privacy. We have successfully defended many drug cases that ranged anywhere from a few grams to multiple kilograms.

Computer Offences

Virtually all criminal cases can now have computer and electronic privacy components. In the past several years, there have been rapid advances in computer and communication technologies and government agencies are sharing information more than ever before. Law enforcement has taken full advantage of this and increased their ability to gather your private information.

White Collar Crime

White-collar crime refers to fraud and other offences that occur in the business context. They are typically non-violent cases that involve allegations of criminal behaviour for financial benefit. The Criminal Code of Canada and other Acts contain a number of criminal offences designed to target white-collar or economic crimes.

Crimes of Violence & Domestic Assault

Crimes of violence occur where unwanted physical force is threatened or actually inflicted on another person. In Canada, this is commonly referred to as ‘Assault’, and can stem from very minor allegations like a “shot in the arm” to more serious cases involving bodily harm.

Civil Forfeiture

If you are charged with a criminal offence, the government may seize or attempt to seize your assets. They can do this using the forfeiture provisions of the Criminal Code or provincially using the civil forfeiture legislation.

Sexual Offences

The most common charge in this category is Sexual Assault, which is the intentional application of force of a sexual nature or in circumstances that are sexual.


The crime of Homicide is regarded as the most heinous offence in Canada. Society’s degree of condemnation is reflected by the severity of punishments for this crime. A Homicide can be anything from manslaughter to murder.

Firearms and Weapons Offences


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